Today’s afternoon, Seyed Mohammad Bhtohei, Minister of Education visited Imam Khomeini’s high school in Boroujerd.

Lorestan’s governor, Boroujerdi, Boroujerd People’s Representative, and the most accomplished in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the head of the Assembly of the Schoolchildren of the country, the director general of education in Lorestan, the special governor of Boroujerd and a group of cultural figures, also accompanied the Minister of Education.

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The 10th Travel Market Exhibition began with the presence of the CEO of the Kish Free Zone Organization

According to the public relations office of the Zagros Hotel, according to the Kish Free Zone Organization, the tenth exhibition market was visited on Tuesday, 5th of September with the presence of the CEO, deputies and directors of the Kish Free Zone Organization, local authorities and tourism industry activists at Kish International Exhibitions Center


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:According to the Public Relations of Zagros Borujerd Hotel
The hotel is proud to host the first tour of a group of retired people from the holy city of Mashhad. This tour, which is 4 days and 3 nights, is from 13/07/2013 to 16/07/2014 by a travel agency operating for the eastern countries of the country’s retirement tours. The city is running in the presence of these retired loved ones in an understanding between the agency and the Zagros Hotel until the end of the year.

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According to the public relations office of Zagros Borujerd: In a memorandum of agreement between the Persian Golf Agency and the Zagros Hotel, the honorable guest of the Zagros Hotel welcomes all the guests of the Pension Fund of the whole country for the first time in Boroujerd for the first time. Zagros Hotel welcomes its first retired guests on May 01, 1997. Public Relations of the Zagros Hotel also added that all efforts of the Zagros Hotel Complex to satisfy the retirees of the country are of residence and hospitality in this complex.

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Ali Ashtar at a meeting of the Provincial Employment Task Force, which was held at Boroujerd Special Governor’s Office in the presence of Isa Mansouri, deputy director of entrepreneurship development and employment of the minister of co-operation, work and social welfare, said: “One of the most important economic programs of the state is attention to comprehensive employment, especially rural

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Mr. Ali Asghar Monans, the deputy of the president and the head of the Organization of Heritage, Arts, and Tourism, entered the Lorestan province on Wednesday, July 27, 2002 and then entered Borujerd, after visiting the historical texture of the city and the delegation in the Zagros Hotel Boroujerd, the residence of Mr. Dr. The location of the hotel, as well as the cleanliness and hospitality of the hotel were satisfied, and today, the hotel left the destination of the capital of Khorramabad province.

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