House of Haj Aqa Kamal al-Din Nabavi Tabatabai (former Farrukh House)


House of Haj Aqa Kamal al-Din Nabavi Tabatabai (former Farrukh House)

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The monument, which has been registered with the name of Haj Aqa Kamal al-Din Nabavi Tabatabai (the former Farhang House of Culture), has been registered in the National Book List No. 3766, which dates back about 180 years ago and has undergone many changes and repairs over the years, Many other houses built in their luxurious style are within the historical range of Borujerd, which is part of the Qajar period, and in some places, extensions have been created either to construct spaces or to carry out renovations at different levels in the years to come.
Innerness and respect for family privacy are unique features of Persian architecture, which is one of the most prominent examples of this theme. To gain access to the interior of the building, we will find a hallway to the courtyard. Around the courtyard, except for a main view of the main section in the form of a vault, with various decorations of brickwork and tile is formed. The building consists of three storey buildings, an inner courtyard with a courtyard entrance, all of which are symmetrical, distinguished by the elements of five doors, sashes and simple windows and doors.
The ground floor has two sidewalks on each side, each with two long, narrow spaces, and finally a Shah-shaped space in the center of it.
The existence of this Shahstani space in two parts is inwardly and vertically above the other two upper classes, with some changes.

The difference is that the stairs of galleries on the two sides that lead to the walkways and the inner steps (which were used as tea houses in the past) distinguish Shahstani’s central spaces from the side chamber.
The side rooms on the first floor are decorated with fine-grained glass. But the most beautiful part of this historical monument is the central area of the Shah’s first floor, with its interior and exterior sections being separated by three branches. And in the front of the five doors with the colored glass that is above the top of the sun, there is.
Paintings decorated with various designs on the walls of the fireplace, plaster ceilings, and a wooden framed frame. In the part of the paintings on the fireplace of one of the rooms, the history of Sha’al is 1304 lunar years, which is celebrated by Professor Nemat A … painter (famous painter Boroujerdi) has been photographed for about 3 years.

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