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خانه افتخار الاسلام 2

The House of Glory of Tabriz is related to the Qajar period and is located in Borjajerd, Safa Street, on the Red Crescent Alley, Aqa Ahmadi Alley.

This house belonged to one of the prominent clerics of the city and from the family of Sadat Tabatabai Borujerd, named Hajj Iftkhar al-Islam Nabavi Tabatabai. The house is located in the alley known as Hajj Eftekhar in the Sufian neighborhood, which at one time was one of the largest residential houses in the city and is currently one of the most beautiful old residential buildings in Borujerd.

The building was built around the early Qajar and includes an entrance with a large and beautiful entrance hall. It is installed on a wooden yard, which enters the courtyard after passing through the vestibule. The courtyard of the house is surrounded by three architectural spaces and from the west with a large and large wall, with small, large arches and beautiful decorations of brickwork and mosaic tiles.

The main building is located on the north side of the yard. This section is made up of two floors, which are divided into three parts in the exterior with two staircases. The lower deck of the building consists of two large rooms with three curtains on either side of the staircase with a ceiling covering roof, two small rooms under the stairs and a five-door hall in the middle. This hall is made up of a hall in front of a post hall behind it.

The entrance to the top floor is made up of two brick stairs, the upper facade of which is covered with beautiful tiles of mosaic and adobe. The top floor is just like the bottom of the two rooms on the opposite side, and the Eros of the three doors overlooks the courtyard. There are two other small pedestals in front of the entrance staircase and in the middle of the ripple there are seven large doors mounted behind the hall and the big hall. On the walls of the building and on the framings underneath the ceiling, it is a variety of beautifully painted murals.

Across the east side of the yard are covered with various architectural spaces and rooms, and a beautiful beauty bath is located at the southeast end of it. Hamamand bath All traditional bathrooms include different parts, including Sarbina and the heating system.

There is a backyard in the northern side of the mansion, the entrance to which is through the courtyard side of the courtyard. It is also divided into two floors and consists of various spaces. The south side of the backyard is home. The kitchen is a large, spacious, roofed vaulted ceiling covering three parts of the firewood storehouse, tenor for baking bread and the part used for cooking.

This work was registered as a national monument in Iran on March 24, 2004 with the registration number 11753.

Author: Mehdi Ebrahimi responsible for the design and marketing of Zagros Hotel


خانه افتخار الاسلام 3

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