Ghale hatam Bridge


This work was registered on November 2, 1999 with the registration number 2438 as one of the national works of Iran. This bridge is located on a small river northwest of Boroujerd, near the village of Ghaleh Hatam, and is apparently from early Qajar period. The bridge is built in the east-west direction with a length of 200 and a width of 2.5 m. Its surface is sloping from the middle to the sides. The bridges of the bridge in the opposite direction of the river are triangular and in the other direction are elliptical. Materials used in the arches of the bridge, brick and in other parts, stone with a calcareous mortar. Arch arches are kind of bellied with a subtle sharpness. In the section of the bridge, with stone blocks and calcareous mortar, they have made a blue stream that there are still many parts of it. From the atmosphere, the water transported the fountains of nearby hills to the village of Ghaleh Hatam. Accordingly, the Castle of Hatam is one of the interesting examples that, in addition to connecting the two sides of the river, was responsible for the transfer of water from one side to the other side of the river. The length of the bridge is 261 meters and its width is 2.5 meters, which has 14 arches of spring. The width of the archway of the springs is lower in the flow of water and more. Fountains Fountains Bridge is made using bricks and other parts of the base, between arches and the passage surface with limestone rocks.


پاسخ دهید

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