Chalancholan Bridge

پل چالان چولان

The Chaloncholan Bridge is located in the fertile plain of Silakhor in the old road of Borujerd.

According to ISNA’s Lorestan area, bridges and waterways are buildings that have been in control over rivers, roads, and rivers over the past few days.

The Chaloncholan Bridge has been constructed on the Caesar River in the vast Silakhor volcanic plain and on the old road of Boroujerd to Khuzestan and Isfahan.

The bridge was built at the time of the Safavid and on the base of the Sassanid poles, the length of the bridge is 6 * 120 meters and has six vaults of a brick spring, with its foundations up to one meter high from the stone.

Bridge breakwaters are located on the northwest side of the water route, and on both sides of the bridge bridge there are two brick walls with a height of 90 cm to protect and prevent the collision of pedestrians from the bridge.

پاسخ دهید

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